Spiritual Healing in Hastings

with Steve Browning

“Spiritual Healing” or “Natural Healing”, whatever you choose to call it, Steve prefers Spiritual Healing, as all his healing is guided by Spirit.

Helping you feel better is the only criteria

Steve Browning has been a qualified Spiritual Healer and trainer for over 20 years, working in private practice, managing drop-in Healing Clinics and open Holistic Therapy Days.

During a Healing session, you remain fully clothed throughout and conscious. Sessions can last twenty or thirty minutes or up to an hour as Spirits have no sense of our time.

Bring a friend if you wish or Steve’s wife, Linda, is always on hand for company and support.

Located in Rock Lane, Hastings, a visit to Shornmead and Steve is a spiritual journey in itself. An oasis of calm and tranquillity on the outskirts of a busy town.

To talk over your condition, spiritual progression or to make an appointment to visit see the Contact Page.

Member of

Sussex Healers’ Association

Steve Browning